• Classification of Tamil Nadu Urban Body Election 2018

    Classification of Tamil Nadu Urban Body Election 2018
    The constitute of Local Bodies in Tamil Nadu has the 3 tier administration and it is formed in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu as a system of local government. The Chennai Corporation of TamilNadu in the then Madras Presidency was actually originated in 1688, It is also the oldest Local Body not only in just India but also in any commonwealth nations out of United Kingdom.
    The TN Local bodies are divided into 2 namely Urban Local Body and Rural Local Body according to the living standards of urban and rural agglomeration.
    The urban local bodies serves as bridge between the citizens in the urban regions and the administration. As per indian 2011 census, Tamil Nadu has nearly 48.45% of total population residing in urbanised areas. Based on the the population and revenue of the ULB, they are again parted into 3 categories namely City Municipal Corporations, Municipalities, and Town Panchayat.
    The bigger cities of Tamil Nadu are ruled by City Municipal Corporations namely Chennai, Tiruchirappalli, Tiruppur, Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Erode, Thoothukudi, Dindigul, Tirunelveli, Vellore, and Thanjavur. These cities counts to one-third of state’s urban population. The Corporation includes a council of elected councillors from every ward and a presiding officer, Mayor again an elected representative. Besides them, an executive official designated as Corporation Commissioner is also added with administrative roles.
    Municipalities or நகராட்சிகள் is the preceding scale to the city corporations. Nearly 125 Municipalities are there in the state of Tamil Nadu. These Municipalities consists of 4 categories depending on their annual income & population that include seventeen special-grade municipalities, thirty-one selection-grade municipalities, thirty-three 1st grade municipalities, forty-four 2nd grade municipalities. Their elected representatives comprise ward councillors and a presiding officer, Municipal Chairperson and finally Municipal Commissioner is the executive officer.
    Town panchayat in otherwise in tamil language known as பேரூராட்சிகள் is the government body for areas in transition form ‘rural’ to ‘urban’. Tamil Nadu is the debut state to declare such a classification in urban local bodies. The state consists of 529 town panchayats which is further upgraded to 3rd Grade municipalities if they are entitled. They are classified in a same manner to that of Municipalities based on the income terms and population. Town panchayat council has roles of elected ward councillors and their presiding officer, Town panchayat chairperson. Executive Officer is the executive authority for TPs.

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