• Elected Members / Officers of Rural Body Election Tamil Nadu

    Elected Members / Officers of Rural Body Election Tamil Nadu
    The Rural local bodies comprise the panchayat raj institutions of the tamil nadu state that are further categorized into 3 levels as under

    • Village Panchayats or VP
    • Panchayat Unions or PU
    • District Panchayats or DP

    Village Panchayats or ஊராட்சிகள் is none other than the grass-root level of democracy as they are the local government for the fundamental building blocks of our country-villages. It is formed in villages where the population is under 300. The village panchayats in tamil nadu numbers to 12,524. Gram Sabha is another division of Village panchayat consisting elected ward members and Village panchayat president who is again an executive authority. He/she should meet for atleast 4 times a year.
    Panchayat Unions which is co-terminus with Blocks or in tamil as ஊராட்சி ஒன்றியம் is the group of Village panchayats. They work as the connection between the villages and the district administration. They constitute the local government at the Taluk level. Tamil Nadu has as high as 388 panchayat unions. Panchayat Union council of tamil nadu includes elected ward members from the concerned villages. It has council of ward members indirectly elected panchayat union chairperson who is the head.
    The TN District Panchayats form the icing of the panchayat raj system which is distinct slot with major advisory powers to the rest. Their hands are at Developmental administration of the district in rural areas. It has ward members elected from different villages in its jurisdiction. It is headed by district panchayat chairperson, who is again indirectly elected by its ward members. There are about 31 dp in this state with exception to the district of Chennai as because of being an urban district.

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