• How to fill form 8 to apply correction in voter id card?

    Form 8The form 8 or படிவம் 8 is used for making correction in voter id of tamil nadu. This form 008 election application is for the existing voters having wrong / misspelled small errors in applicant name (also due to gazetted name change), fathers or husband name (due to marriage or death of spouse) or guru’s name due to change of guru. This can be change in gender like male / female / transgender as well as date of birth. Very particularly in specific to the correction of the address and not change of address or shifting or relocation of the resident. Or sometimes even relationship due to the error from the election department. If at all the electors need to change his / her mobile or email id. All these changes apply to even the regional language of tamil.
    Here the method of manual applying and offline submitting of vote form eight in person is mentioned and not of online submission as it may differ slightly in accordance to the features therein. First from the home page of state election website of tamil nadu here click tab electoral services leading to voter services to find download forms click that to find form 8 for indian voters and not non-resident of india voters which is form 8a
    IN the form there are lot of columns to be filled correctly comparing the prevailing particulars from the available voter identity card.
    Addressing the vaakkaalar attam vinnappam application to the individual “the electoral registration officer” mentioning the authorized assembly constituency name. Affix the color forefront photo of the applicant with the glue stick or fevicol. Make sure the photo is visible in bright printed with good ink so as to get scanned picture in quality.
    The citizen make a request as under:
    I request that the entry relating to myself appearing in my electoral roll for the above Constituency is not correct and it should be corrected. Correct particulars in support of my request are given below:
    This indicates the application is to the same assembly constituency where the voter id is linked and the wrong / erronic information are not explained here rather than giving only true changes.
    Fill in the requisite name correction in both english and tamil script in blue or black pen along with surname if any to be added or changed.
    Do list the part number and serial no. found in the electoral card upto 3 digits in numeric.
    Do declare the right date of birth proving with evidence as on 1st january of the calendar year when the tn election occurs. Also pen down the age of the candidate
    Never forget to stipulate the sex such as men / women / shemale / male / female / transgender  / third gender. You can do state the present status if any.
    LIkewise give the names of father / daddy / dad / mother / mummy / mom / guru / preacher name in the column provided including the surname / first name if there is a need to go for a change
    Provide the to be corrected address part very clearly keep in mind that there can’t be complete change of address rather than a tiny mistakes. Make right transliteration of the floor, apartment / flat name, street, road, area, pincode in தமிழ் மொழி also. Do bring it to notice if there is any change in taluk after bifurcation along with amended district if any.
    Give away the mobile # and email id to enable faster response and close follow up of the application status.
    List the voter id card serial number along with its printed assembly constituency as sometime there could be change in constituency in respect to the address from the government end.
    In the section / part IV of the form please tick the necessary changes required like
    My name / Age / Father / Mother / Husband name / Sex / Address / Date of Birth / Photo
    Sign the form stamping the place and date and time and surrender it to the concerned officials may be BLO / BLA / Counter staff / Election commission agent / village administrative officer / panchayat board officer / revenue office. but never through a broker who work for a fee.
    Avail the acknowledgement upon handing over the application form 8 from the respondent mentioning your name and vote-id card number. Follow up until you get it via his / her mobile number

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