• Hurry! Only Limited Color Voter ID Cards From TN Election

    beta version color voter idThe chief electoral officer Rajesh Lakhoni announced Pay & Get Post Color Voter ID card is on hold for a while. As per the tamil nadu election website http://elections.tn.gov.in/index.aspx until 12 noon was flashing the link to be available.

    The link enables the electors to get color photo voter  id in place of existing black and white voter id card by paying Rs.42 online via sbi payment portal. However the elector can go in for then and there updated version of voter id. The card printed and delivered is only from the latest electoral published so far.

    But the problem with the people that they mistook the announcement like they will get the updated one by filling the form with present (if changed) address.

    It is for their sense there won’t be corrections or alterations in the voter id card as this is only a replacement of card and not amendment of card. Therefore for any correction the citizen should fill form 8a, 8a and wait for its publish and then apply for epic replacement.

    However, till now the link page for replacement of card is enabled and that too it claims only for limited users. So hurry to get one soon.


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    • Mano

      Is it possible to make correction in voter details while applying for Color Voter ID card of Tamilnadu state?

    • Sundar

      How long will it take for the delivery of Tamilnadu state Color Voter ID Card?

    • murugan

      i am looking for the link in the website but was not able to find one .is it withdrawn??? can somebody help me out

    • Soundrapandi.A

      Color voterid card apply

    • Soundrapandi.A

      Form 001

    • Saravanan.N

      Can get new color Epic now

    • veera

      kindly give pvc card apply link

    • Ramalingam R

      I have applied in Feb 2016 at Avadi till date I have not received whenever I asked they reply come on next month now they reply pay and Gary card at eservice counter what about I paid rs 25 earlier on Feb 2016