• Virudhunagar Local Body Election 2016 for Municipal Mayor Chairman

    The virudhunagar local body election district administration is preparing to conduct virudunagar urban body elections with the Tamil Nadu State Election Commission anticipated to publish the virudhu nagar municipal poll schedule soon. The virdhunagar district Collector A. Sivagnanam recently conducted a preliminary meeting of Returning Officers and Asst. Returning Officers for the urban and rural local bodies to talk over functions they required to take up instantly on announcement of the virudhunagar poll schedule.
    Of 450 panchayats in eleven panchayat unions, 7 municipalities and 9 tp will be elected to the poll in the virudhu-nagar district. Of them, 3,372 village panchayat member election, 450 virudhunagar village panchayats president; 200 vnr councillors of panchayat unions; 225 municipal councillors; & 144 councillors of muncipality town panchayats would be chosen by 15.40 lakh voters.
    Likewise, twenty district panchayat ward members will have polling for virudhunagar with its total number of representatives to be elected in the virudhunagar district would be 3,741. The total number of polling stations for virudhu nagar panchayat union election is counted to be 2,719 . The district Collector negotiated rules and regulations to be adhered during nomination filing, symbol allocating, booth officials appointment, training and counting centres.
    List of Panchayat Blocks for Virudhunagar Local Body Election 2016

    VIRUDHUNAGAR விருதுநகர் 1 Aruppukottai அருப்புக்கோட்டை
    VIRUDHUNAGAR விருதுநகர் 2 VIRUDHUNAGAR விருதுநகர்
    VIRUDHUNAGAR விருதுநகர் 3 KARIAPATTI காரியாபட்டி
    VIRUDHUNAGAR விருதுநகர் 4 TIRUCHULI திருச்சுழி
    VIRUDHUNAGAR விருதுநகர் 5 NARIKUDI நரிக்குடி
    VIRUDHUNAGAR விருதுநகர் 6 RAJAPALAYAM இராஜபாளையம்
    VIRUDHUNAGAR விருதுநகர் 7 SRIVILLIPUTHUR ஸ்ரீவில்லிபுத்தூர்
    VIRUDHUNAGAR விருதுநகர் 8 WATRAP வத்திராயிருப்பு
    VIRUDHUNAGAR விருதுநகர் 9 SIVAKASI சிவகாசி
    VIRUDHUNAGAR விருதுநகர் 10 VEMBAKOTTAI வெம்பக்கோட்டை
    VIRUDHUNAGAR விருதுநகர் 11 SATTUR சாத்தூர்

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